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2017 TaxPub(CL) 0806 (Del) Deutsche Trustee Company Ltd. v. Tulip Telecom Ltd. Del, Co. Pet. No. 329/2013, CA Nos. 36, 419, 931, 1622, 2119, 2421, 2423, 3733-3735, 4075, 4623/2016 & 38, 1065, 1071, 1456/2017, OLR Nos. 134/2016, 220/2016, 254/2016, 160/2017, 17-Oct-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0903 (Gau-HC) In the Matter of the Official Liquidator v. Pinakin Surendra Shah Gau-HC, Official Liquidator Report No. 98 of 2017, 15-Nov-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0895 (NCLT-Ahd) Dhiren Pratapmal Bhandari v. DB Shapriya Construction Ltd. NCLT-Ahd, IA No. 32 of 2017, Intervening Petition No. 1 of 2017, TP No. 119/397-398/NCLT/AHM/2016 (New), CP No. 23/397-398/CLB/MB/2015 (Old), 27-Oct-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0865 (NCLT-Del) Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd. v. Instrumentation Ltd. NCLT-Del, CP No. (IB)-157(PB)/2017, 17-Oct-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0874 (NCLAT-Del) Flacon Tyres Ltd. v. Belthangady Taluk Rubber Growers Marketing & Processing Co.op. Society Ltd. NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) (Insol) No. 206 of 2017, Arising Out of NCLT, Bengaluru in case No. I.A. No. 102/17 in CP (IB) No. 01/BB/17 dated 3-8-2017, 09-Oct-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0867 (NCLT-Del) Green Power Engineers (P.) Ltd. v. Faith Merchantile (P.) Ltd. NCLT-Del, Appeal No. IB-275/ND/2017, 17-Oct-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0902 (NCLAT-Del) Hem Raj Singh v. Naraingarh Distillery Ltd. & Ors. NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) No. 181 of 2017, 14-Nov-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0862 (NCLAT-Kol) : (2017) 205 CompCas 0010 Ajit Banik v. Teesta Torsa Chemicals (P) Ltd. NCLAT-Kol, C.P. No. 30 of 2014, 03-Aug-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0890 (NCLT-Del) ICICI Bank Ltd. v. Tirupati Inks Ltd. NCLT-Del, C.P. No. IB-314 (PB)/2017, 02-Nov-2017
2017 TaxPub(CL) 0873 (NCLAT-Del) Anu Elastics (P.) Ltd. v. Aggarwal Elastics NCLAT-Del, Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) No. 145 of 2017, Arising out of order of NCLT, New Delhi in Agarwal Elastics v. Anu Elastics Pvt. Ltd. [IB No. 118 N.D of 2017, dated 25-07-2017], 10-Oct-2017