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2017 TaxPub(ST) 1808 (CESTAT-Del) Polaris India (P) Ltd. v. Commr. of Cus. (ICD, TKD) Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal No. C/50321/2016/DEL, Order No. C/A/55482/2017-CU(DB)/DEL, 24-Jul-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1773 (CESTAT-Del) Shramik Kalyan Samiti v. CCE Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal No. ST/902/2012(DB), Order No. ST/A/54776/2017-CU(DB), 07-Jul-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1837 (TELANGANA) CCE v. Tirupathi Fuels (P) Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, TELANGANA, Central Excise Appeal No. 24 of 2017, 13-Mar-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1849 (CESTAT-Chen) CCE v. Kasi Works Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Chen, Appeal Nos. E/323-324/2005/CHEN, Cross Objection No. E/Cross/40883/2006/CHEN, Order Nos. 41824-41825/2016/CHEN, 05-Oct-2016
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1839 (Mad-HC) Raj Kishore Constructions v. CESTAT Appeal disposed of, Mad-HC, C.M.A. No. 2081 of 2012, 11-Apr-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1840 (Mad-HC) CCE v. Intimate Fashions India (P) Ltd. Matter remanded, Mad-HC, C.M.A. Nos. 3065-3066 of 2011, 12-Apr-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1842 (CESTAT-Mum) Kolhapur Auto Works v. CCE Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. ST/570/2012/MUM, Order No. A/89135/2017-WZB/STB/MUM, 29-Mar-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1843 (CESTAT-Mum) CCE v. Mormugao Municipal Council Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. ST/86798/2015/MUM, Cross Objection No. ST/CO-91193/2015/MUM, Order Nos. A/89050-89051/2017-WZB/STB/MUM, 18-Jul-2017
2018 TaxPub(ST) 0093 (CESTAT-Mum) CCE v. Prakash Products Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. E/2466/2005/MUM, Order No. A/89293/2016-WZB/EB/MUM, 19-Aug-2016
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1844 (CESTAT-Chd) CCE v. Safex Chemical India Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Chd, Appeal No. E/2127/2007/CHAN, Order No. A/61283/2017-EX(DB)/CHAN, 07-Mar-2017