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2016 TaxPub(ST) 1234 (CESTAT-Mum) : (2016) 055 GST 0623 Loop Mobile India Ltd. v. CST Assessee, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. ST/236/2012-Mum. & Order No. A/86524/2016/STA, 01-Mar-2016
2017 TaxPub(VAT) 0271 (All-HC) Bhushan Steel Ltd. v. CCT Revenue, All-HC, Sales/Trade Tax Revision No. 9 of 2017, 30-May-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1113 (Bang-CESTAT) Merck Specialities (P) Ltd. v. CCE, ST & Cus. Appeal allowed, Bang-CESTAT, Appeal No. E/23761/2014-SM/BANG & Order No. 21537/2016/BANG, 20-Dec-2016
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1180 (All-HC) Cargill India (P) Ltd. v. CST Appeal allowed, All-HC, Appeal Nos. ST/598-599/2011/ALL & Order Nos. 61223-61224 / 2017/ALL, 27-Jun-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1181 (All-HC) Sharma Fabricators & Erectors (P) Ltd. v. CCE Appeal allowed, All-HC, Appeal No. ST/890 & 949/2010-CU DB With Cross Application No. ST/CROSS/35/2011 & MISC Application No. ST/MISC/70011 & 70010/2016/ALL & Order Nos. 70576-70577/2017/ALL, 14-Jun-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1182 (CESTAT-Mum) Kundan Cars (P) Ltd v. CCE Appeal allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal Nos. ST/88652/13/MUM, 29-Jun-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1183 (CESTAT-Mum) Larsen & Toubro Ltd. v. Commr. of ST Appeal allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. ST/86750/13/MUM, 29-Jun-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1184 (CESTAT-Mum) Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. v. Comm. of ST Appeal allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal Nos. ST/86897 to 86900/13, ST/CO/91119 to 91121 & 91125/13/MUM & Order Nos. A/87950-87957/17/STB/MUM, 29-May-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1185 (CESTAT-Del) NTPC Ltd. v. CC Assessee, CESTAT-Del, Order Nos. 52483 of 2017/DEL, Appeal Nos. ST/1638 of 2010 CU (DB), ST/COD/421 of 2011 & ST/CO/219 of 2011/DEL, 10-Mar-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1186 (SC) UOI v. Margadarshi Chit Funds (P) Ltd. SC, Civil Appeal Nos. 5724, 5725, 6916, 6917 of 2011, 04-Jul-2017