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2018 TaxPub(ST) 0649 (CESTAT-Chen) Apollo Computer Education Ltd. v. Commr. of GST, CE CESTAT-Chen, Appeal Nos. ST/Misc./41631/2017/CHEN and ST/756/2010/CHEN, Order No. 40584/2018/CHEN, 07-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(VAT) 0457 (Ker-HC) Kochurani Baby v. State Tax Officer Ker-HC, W.P.(C) No. 16304 of 2018, 21-May-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1064 (CESTAT-Del) Turkish Airlines v. CCE & ST Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Order No. 51112/2018/DEL, Service Tax Appeal No. ST/58282/2013-ST (DB)/DEL, 05-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1063 (CESTAT-Mum) True Education Institute (P) Ltd. v. CST Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. ST/89955 & 89956/14/MUM, Order No. A/85709-85710/2018/MUM, 21-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1062 (CESTAT-Del) Triveni Kala Sangam v. CCE Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Order 50913-50914/2018/DEL, ST/54801-54802/2014-CU(DB)/DEL, 23-Feb-2018
2018 TaxPub(VAT) 0434 (Guj-HC) State of Gujarat v. Tolat Electronics Appeal Dismissed, Guj-HC, Tax Appeal No. 1127 of 2013, 09-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1068 (CESTAT-Del) V3S Infratech Ltd. v. CCE Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Order 51042/2018/DEL, ST/58355/2013-ST(DB)/DEL, 09-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 0965 (CESTAT-Chen) RPP Selvam Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. v. CCE & ST Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Chen, Appeal No. ST/76/2011, ST/443/2011, 23-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1060 (CESTAT-Mum) Toyo Engineering India Ltd. v. CST Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Order A/85720/2018/MUM, ST/90153/2014/MUM, 23-Mar-2018
2018 TaxPub(ST) 1103 (CESTAT-Del) Altech Equipments (P) Ltd v. CCE Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal No. ST/50095/2017/DEL, Order No. 51948/2018/DEL, 22-May-2018