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Clarifications regarding GST on College Hostel Mess Fees
Circular No. 28/02/2018-GST - dt.08-01-2018
Clarifications regarding levy of GST on accommodation services, betting and gambling in casinos, horse racing, admission to cinema, homestays, printing, legal services etc.
Circular No. 27/01/2018-GST - dt.04-01-2018
Filing of Returns under GST--Regarding
Circular No. 26/26/2017-GST - dt.29-12-2017
Manual filing of applications for Advance Ruling and appeals before Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling--Reg.
Circular No. 25/25/2017-GST - dt.21-12-2017
Manual filing and processing of refund claims on account of inverted duty structure, deemed exports and excess balance in electronic cash ledger--Reg.
Circular No. 24/24/2017-GST - dt.21-12-2017
Issues in respect of maintenance of books of accounts relating to additional place of business by a principal or an auctioneer for the purpose of auction of tea, coffee, rubber etc.--Regarding
Circular No. 23/23/2017-GST - dt.21-12-2017
Clarification on issues regarding treatment of supply by an artist in various States and supply of goods by artists from galleries--Reg.
Circular No. 22/22/2017-GST - dt.21-12-2017
Clarification on Inter-State Movement of Rigs, Tools and Spares, and all Goods on Wheels [like Cranes]--Regarding
Circular No. 21/21/2017-GST - dt.22-11-2017
Issue Related to Classification and GST Rate on Terracotta Idols--Regarding
Circular No. 20/20/2017-IGST - dt.22-11-2017
Clarification on Taxability of Custom Milling of Paddy--Regarding
Circular No. 19/19/2017-GST - dt.20-11-2017