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2017 TaxPub(VAT) 0513 (Raj-HC) Asstt. CCT v. Jyoti Laboratories Ltd. Petition dismissed, Raj-HC, S.B. Sales Tax Revision/Reference Nos. 31, 29, 30 & 32-34 of 2016, 26-Jul-2017
2017 TaxPub(VAT) 0514 (All-HC) NTL Logistics (India) (P) Ltd. v. CTT Matter remanded, All-HC, Sales/Trade Tax Revision No. 326 of 2017, 01-Aug-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1867 (CESTAT-Del) Aviacon (India) v. CCE Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal Nos. ST/2302-2303 & 3856/2012/DEL, Order Nos. 55900-55902/2017/DEL, 17-Aug-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1838 (Mad-HC) Yespee Tyre Retreaders v. CESTAT Matter remanded, Mad-HC, Writ Petition (MD) No. 15876 of 2014, M.P. (MD) No. 1 of 2014, 03-Apr-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1805 (CESTAT-Bang) CCE, Cus. & ST v. J.P. Foundries Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Bang, Appeal No. E/250/2004-DB/BANG, Order No. A/20598/2017/BANG, 01-May-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1806 (CESTAT-Chen) P.V. Graphics v. Commr. of Cus. (Port-Import) Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Chen, Appeal No. C/484/2006-DB/CHEN, Order No. 40935/2017/CHEN, 12-Jun-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1807 (CESTAT-Mum) Skol Breweries Ltd. v. CCE Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Mum, Appeal No. C/1073/2004/MUM, Order No. A/86881/2016-WZB/CB/MUM, 15-Mar-2016
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1808 (CESTAT-Del) Polaris India (P) Ltd. v. Commr. of Cus. (ICD, TKD) Appeal Allowed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal No. C/50321/2016/DEL, Order No. C/A/55482/2017-CU(DB)/DEL, 24-Jul-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1773 (CESTAT-Del) Shramik Kalyan Samiti v. CCE Appeal Dismissed, CESTAT-Del, Appeal No. ST/902/2012(DB), Order No. ST/A/54776/2017-CU(DB), 07-Jul-2017
2017 TaxPub(ST) 1837 (TELANGANA) CCE v. Tirupathi Fuels (P) Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, TELANGANA, Central Excise Appeal No. 24 of 2017, 13-Mar-2017