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TaxPub Exclusive


2019 TaxPub(DT) 6351 (Ker-HC) UOI v. Suntec Business Solutions (P) Ltd. Ker-HC, R.P. No. 204 of 2018 in WA No. 1094 of 2013, 29-Jul-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5995 (Mum-Trib) DCIT v. M/s. Reach Data Services India (P) Ltd. Mum-Trib, 2008-09, ITA No. 5798/Mum/2011, 30-Jan-2015

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5978 (Kol-Trib) Anil Kumar Nevatia v. ITO Kol-Trib, M.A. No. 132/Kol/2019 Arising out of ITA No. 1479/Kol/2017, 06-Sep-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5977 (Del-Trib) Sanjeev Nath Anand v. ITO Del-Trib, 2007-08, ITA No. 5447/Del/2012 & ITA No. 3975/Del/2016, 06-Sep-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5976 (Pune-Trib) Rajesh Madanlal Partani v. ACIT Pune-Trib, 2005-06, ITA Nos. 499 to 510, 850 to 855, 1016 to 1025, 1761 to 1763/PUN/2012, 06-Sep-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5975 (Mum-Trib) DCIT v. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Assessee, Mum-Trib, 2005-06, ITA No. 262/Mum/2016, 06-Sep-2019

Section 69 Income from undisclosed sources Addition under section 69 Unexplained investment -- During search, an agreement executed by assessee, who was the Managing Director of the company ā€˜Pā€™, for purchase of land was found and seized. That document revealed that the assessee had given Rs. 95 lakhs as advance for purchase of property. Assessee submitted that he executed the agreement in the capacity of the Managing Director of the company and that the amount of Rs. 95 lakhs was invested out of the funds of the company and that he did not make any personal investment in the deal and also......
2019 TaxPub(DT) 5974 (Ker-HC) C.K. Abdul Azeez v. CIT Appeal Dismissed, Ker-HC, ITA No. 19 of 2019, 05-Sep-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5951 (Del-HC) Pr. CIT v. Essel Agro (P) Ltd. Appeal Dismissed, Del-HC, 2006-07, ITA No. 724/2019, 05-Aug-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5950 (P&H-HC) Pr. CIT v. EGL Eagle Global Logistics (India) (P) Ltd. Assessee, P&H-HC, ITA No. 428 of 2017 (O&M), 09-Jul-2019

2019 TaxPub(DT) 5949 (Bom-HC) Daxa Bipin Dedhia v. Pr. CIT Bom-HC, 2010-11, Writ Petition No. 1824 of 2019, 05-Aug-2019