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Waiver From Recording of UIN on the Invoices for the Months of April 2020 to March2021--Regarding
Circular No. 144/14/2020-GST - dt.15-12-2020
Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) on renting of motor vehicles
TRADE CIRCULAR No. 01/2020, dt. 16/01/2002 - dt.2020-01-16
Clarification in respect of goods sent/taken out of India for exhibition or on consignment basis for export promotion
Circular No. 29/2019, dt. 22/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-22
Clarification on doubts related to supply of Information Technology enabled Services ( ITeS services)
Circular No. 28/2019, dt. 22/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-22
Corrigendum to Circular No. 33/2018, dt. 17.09.2018
Corrigendum to Circular No. 33/2019, dt. 22/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-22
Corrigendum to Circular No. 23/2019, dt. 28.06.2019
Corrigendum to Circular No. 23/2019, dt. 16/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-16
Corrigendum to Circular No. 17/2019, dt. 12.04.2019
Corrigendum to Circular No.17/2019, dt. 12/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-12
Refund of taxes paid on inward supply of indigenous goods by retail outlets established at departure area of the international airport beyond immigration counters when supplied to outgoing international tourist against foreign exchange
Circular No. 27/2019, dt. 12/07/2019 - dt.2019-07-12
Clarification on various doubts related to treatment of secondary or post-sales discounts under GST
Circular No. 26/2019, dt. 28/06/2019 - dt.2019-06-28
Processing of refund applications in FORM GST RFD-01A submitted by taxpayers wrongly mapped on the common portal
Circular No. 25/2019, dt. 28/06/2019 - dt.2019-06-28