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Service Tax - Circulars, Notifications, etc.

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Circular No. 211/1/2019-ST [F. No. 354/321/2018-TRU]Applicability of Service Tax on Asian Development Bank (ADB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC)--Regarding2019-01-15
Notification No. 1/2018-ST [F.No. 137/12/2018-Service Tax]Service Tax on Granting of Right of Way by Local Authorities Not Required to be Paid2018-11-30
Circular No. 210/2/2018-ST [F.No. 137/51/2016-ST]Applicability of service tax on ambulance services provided to government by private service providers under the National Health Mission (NHM)2018-05-30
Circular No. 209/1/2018-ST [F.No. 137/26/2016-ST-Part-V]Applicability of the Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012 (POPS) to development of software and services on software2018-05-04
Circular No. 208/6/2017-ST [F.No 137/13/2017-ST]Reassignment of cases pending as on 30-6-2017 with the Commissioner of Central Excise and Service Tax (Appeals)2017-10-17
Notification No. 18/2017-ST [F.No. 137/18/2017-ST]Service Tax (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 20172017-06-22
Seeks to amend notification No. 25/2012 - ST dated 20.06.2012 so as to exempt life insurance services under Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana YojanaNotification No. 17/2017-ST [F.No. 354/75/2017-TRU]2017-05-04
Corrigendum to Order No. 1/2017-ST [F.No. 137/99/2011-ST]Corrigendum to Order No. 1/2017-ST [F.No. 137/99/2011-ST]2017-04-27
Order No. 1/2017 [F.No. 137/99/2011-ST]Extension of the date of submission of the Form ST-3 for the period 1-10-2016 to 31-3-2017 from 25-4-2017 to 30-4-20172017-04-25
Notification No. 13/2017-ST [F.No. 354/42/2016-TRU]Service Tax (Third Amendment) Rules, 20172017-04-13