Circulars, Notifications, etc.

CLL_Stat8869Customs : Circular No. 08/2023, dtd. 13-3-2023 [F.No. 524/11/2022-STO(TU)] -- Telecom Equipment in the Context of Notification No. 02/2019-Customs dated 29-01-2019 Amending Notification No. 57/2017-Customs dated 30.06.3017, Regarding
CLL_Stat8862Customs : Instruction No. 11/2023-Customs, dtd. 13-3-2023 [F.No.450/67/2018-Cus-IV] -- Show cause Notice Issued under section 28 of the Customs Act, 1962 in the Case of M/s Blue-Fin Frozen Foods Pvt. Ltd.—Section 28(9A)(c), Regarding
CLL_Stat8863Customs : Instruction No. 10/2023-Customs, dtd. 10-3-2023 [F. No. CBIC-15021/17/2023-ICD-CBEC] -- Implementation of Origin Procedures under India-Australia ECTA- Reg.
CLL_Stat8865Customs : Instruction No. 09/2023-Customs, dtd. 7-3-2023 [F.No. 401/44/2022-Cus-III] -- Rectifiable Labelling Information for Imported Food Consignments - Reg.
CLL_Stat8868Customs : Circular No. 07/2022-Customs, dtd. 7-3-2023 [F. No.450/33/2022-Cus. IV] -- Boarding Functions—Improving Transparency using Boarding Jacket Fitted with Body Worn Camera (BWC) having Video/Audio Recording Facility by Boarding Officer, Regarding
CLL_Stat8860Customs : Notification No. 15/2023-Customs, dtd. 3-3-2023 [F. No. CBIC-190354/29/2023-TO(TRU-I)] -- Amendments in Notification No. 30/2022-Customs, dated 24th May, 2022
CLL_Stat8864Customs : Instruction No. 08/2023-Customs, dtd. 3-3-2023 [F.No. 401/66/2022-Cus-III] -- Extension of Requirement of Health Certificate Accompanied with the Import of Food Consignments- Regarding
CLL_Stat8859Customs : Notification No. 16/2023-Customs, dtd. 3-3-2023 [F. No. CBIC-190354/29/2023-TO(TRU-I)] -- Further Amendments in Notification No. 50/2017-Customs, dated 30th June, 2017
CLL_Stat8844Central Excise : Notification No. 10/2023-Central Excise, dtd. 3-3-2023 [F. No. 354/15/2022-TRU] -- Amendments in Notification No. 18/2022-Central Excise, dated 19th July, 2022
CLL_Stat8845Central Excise : Notification No. 12/2023-Central Excise, dtd. 3-3-2023 [F. No. 354/15/2022-TRU] -- Amendments in Notification No. 10/2022-Central Excise, dated 30th June, 2022
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