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Higher rate of TDS in case of non-filers of return of Income By CA Dr. Nisha Bhandari, Senior Editor , Tax Publishers

New Procedural Changes under GST Law Effective from 1-4-2021 By CA Satyadev Purohit, Contributing Editor , Tax Publishers

Income Tax

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Non-production of parties could not give credence to the bogus nature of purchases. Better way for AO could be to enquire about amounts received from assessee and from such amounts, if any, purchases ... Read more..

Where the assessee Individual, had sold his entire share holdings (shares and debentures) in a private limited company to another company through a share purchase agreement in which sale consideration ... Read more..

Where assessee did not produce any material, despite opportunity being afforded to show that the amount seized during the search, did not belong to it but belonged to some other person as claimed by i ... Read more..

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Where goods of assessee were seized in transit on allegation that there was a mismatch between the goods in movement and the documents tendered and assessee was liable to pay tax and penalty, as there ... Read more..

Where assessee sold goods to the international passengers, i.e., departing passengers or passengers arriving into India like cigarettes, alcohol, perfumes, chocolates and cosmetics, etc., and all the ... Read more..

Where there was nothing on record to establish that assessee did not account for any goods on which he is liable to pay tax under the Act [as required to attract section 130 (1)(ii)] and it was not es ... Read more..

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