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25-May-2023 -- Appeals - To Be or Not to Be is Not the Question
25-May-2023 -- Revision - Revision by Commissioner : Recent 2023 Ruling by the Supreme Court
25-May-2023 -- International Taxation—Transfer Pricing - Arm’s Length Price Computation : Is This a Question of Law?
25-May-2023 -- Return Forms - ITR Forms for Assessment Year 2023-24
09-May-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration Issued in Form GST REG-31—Validity of
09-May-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Extension of Limitation Period for Passing Order Under Section 73(9)—Whether Implies Extension of Time Period for Issuance of Show Cause Notice Also
09-May-2023 -- Vineet Tiwari - ITC Ledger Not Debited in Sequence Prescribed in Circular—Validity of Denial of Refund of Input Tax Credit
09-May-2023 -- S. Swaminathan - Amount Recovered During Search Proceeding—Whether Forced or Voluntary
09-May-2023 -- Narendra Kumar - Passing of Assessment Order Without Granting Minimum Time Period of 30 Days to File Reply—Validity of
09-May-2023 -- Search Assessments - Regular Assessment Attained Finality--Whether Can Be Disturbed in Search Assessments, In Absence of Incriminating Material
09-May-2023 -- Transfer Pricing--Applicability - Mere Usage of Name of Parent Company in the Transaction Does not make the Same as the International Transaction
09-May-2023 -- Income from Undisclosed Sources - Failure of Assessee to Explain Difference in Stock Furnished to Bank and in Books—Whether Liable for Addition Under Section 69B
06-May-2023 -- Income Tax - Information On Insight Portal -- A Ground For Action Under Section 148?
28-Apr-2023 -- General Topic - Whether the Assessee Shall Be Penalized for The Inadvertence Caused by His Counsel ?
28-Apr-2023 -- Rectification - Application Under Section 154 for Rectifying the Mistake by making a claim under the Correct Section--Whether Maintainable?
28-Apr-2023 -- Tax Management - Tax Deferral as a Tax Planning Tool
28-Apr-2023 -- Finance Act, 2023--Recent Developments - Important Amendments Incorporated at the Time of Passing of Finance Bill, 2023
28-Apr-2023 -- LLP Agreement - All About LLP Agreement
28-Apr-2023 -- Audit Trail - All About Audit Trail on Companies
28-Apr-2023 -- IEPFA - Investment Education and Protection Fund Authority
28-Apr-2023 -- CA. L. Venkataraman - Waiver of Late Fees for Annual Return Filing (GSTR–9)
20-Apr-2023 -- Vishambhar Dayal - Show Cause Notice Issued Demanding Tax--Validity of Demand of Interest and Penalty in Assessment Order
20-Apr-2023 -- Vineet Tiwari - Is Notice Pay Recovery Chargeable to GST?
20-Apr-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Recent Relief Measures Under GST
15-Apr-2023 -- Companies Act, 2013--MCA 21 V3 Portal - Issues Faced in Company Law Filings on New MCA 21 V3 Portal
15-Apr-2023 -- Artificial Intelligence--Chat GPT - ChatGPT and the AI Challenge or Ethical Issues Revolving ChatGPT
15-Apr-2023 -- Intellectual Property Rights--Copyright - Registration of Copyright Not Mandatory For Seeking Protection Under Copyright Act
15-Apr-2023 -- Finance Act, 2023--Co-Operative Societies - Co-Operative Societies Vis-a-Vis Finance Act, 2023
15-Apr-2023 -- Finance Act, 2023--Penalty - Penalty and Prosecution Provisions Vis-a-Vis Finance Act, 2023
14-Apr-2023 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Whether right of appeal can be deprived from an assessee where there are technical circumstances
13-Apr-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Business Income - Income From Business or Profession Vis-a-Vis Finance Act, 2023
13-Apr-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Start-up taxation - Measures to Promote MSMEs and Start-ups by Finance Act, 2023
13-Apr-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Recent Developments - Important Amendments Incorporated at the Time of Passing of Finance Bill, 2023
13-Apr-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Angel Tax - Withdrawal of Exemption Available to Non-Residents From Angel Tax By Finance Act, 2023
12-Apr-2023 -- Income Tax - Objection to Assumption of Jurisdiction Qua Section 124 of the I.T. Act?
06-Apr-2023 -- Srivatsan Ranganathan - Is Input Tax Credit absolute?
06-Apr-2023 -- Purnendu Sahai - Assessee Deposited 10% of Disputed Tax--Validity of Issuance of Garnished Notice of Recovery of Tax
06-Apr-2023 -- Narendra Kumar - Assessee Made Payment of Tax and Interest and Furnished Bond--Validity of Insisting for Bank Guarantee for Provisional Release of Goods
06-Apr-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Seizure of Cash During Search Proceeding Without Issuing Seizure Memo--Validity of
06-Apr-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Assessee Made Pre-Deposit of 10% of Disputed Tax Under Section 107(6)--Validity of Provisional Attachment Under Section 83
29-Mar-2023 -- Notice - Whether Electronic Modes are Appropriate Mode of Service of Notice or Need some Flexibility even in e-era?
29-Mar-2023 -- Cash Transaction - Dealership or Distributorship Contract Not an Event or Occasion for Applicability of Restriction Under Section 269ST--Recent Clarification
29-Mar-2023 -- Charitable Trust - Whether Voluntary Contribution with Specific Directions is Considered as Income of the Unregistered Trust?
28-Mar-2023 -- P. Narayanan - Cash Seized from Residence Not Appropriated Towards Demand—Release of
28-Mar-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Blocking of ITC Ledger Before Expiry of 180 Days From the Date of Purchase—Validity of
24-Mar-2023 -- V.N. Damodar - Jurisdiction of AAR to Decide Question Relating to Place of Supply
24-Mar-2023 -- Vineet Tiwari - Enquiry Initiated After Filing Application for Advance Ruling—Maintainability of Application
24-Mar-2023 -- Vishambhar Dayal - Can Marginal Scheme Taxpayers Claim ITC of Input Services and Capital Goods ?
24-Mar-2023 -- CA. Akash Phophalia - Issue a Reasoned Notice and Order—Else Violation of Principle of Natural Justice
24-Mar-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Overview of GST Council 49th Meeting Recommendations
15-Mar-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Presumptive Income - Finance Bill, 2023-24 Vis-a Vis Section 44AD (Presumptive Taxation for Business)
15-Mar-2023 -- SEBI--Social Stock Exchange - Social Stock Exchange--Overview
15-Mar-2023 -- Founders Agreement - Key Deliberations in Startup Founders Agreement
15-Mar-2023 -- CA. L. Venkataramanan - Input Tax Credit vis-a vis Circular No.183/15/2022-GST dated 27-12-2022
13-Mar-2023 -- Bhuwan Prakash - Input Tax Credit Related Amendments in the Finance Bill, 2023
13-Mar-2023 -- Narendra Kumar - Blocking of ITC with Nil Balance—Validity of
13-Mar-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Tax and Penalty Imposed on Driver of Vehicle—Right of Consignee to File Appeal to Appellate Authority
13-Mar-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Can Department Insist for Bank Guarantee in Respect of Interest and Penalty
13-Mar-2023 -- Akash Phophalia - Validity of Demand on the Basis of Third Party Data
09-Mar-2023 -- International Taxation - Whether Income Arising to a Non-Resident can be Taxed as Business Income in India without a PE?
09-Mar-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Scope of Specified Violation for Cancellation of Registration or for Withdrawal of Approval of Trusts/Institutions Widened by Finance Bill, 2023
09-Mar-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Time Limit for Furnishing Form No. 9A/10 Amended By Finance Bill, 2023
09-Mar-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Applicability of Exit Tax Under Section 115TD-115TF on Failure to File Application by Trusts or Institutions Within Specified Time
03-Mar-2023 -- Akash Phophalia - Impact of Rule 37A
03-Mar-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Cancellation of Registration—Taxpayer has Option to File Either Application for Revocation or Appeal to Appellate Authority
21-Feb-2023 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Powers of Officers to Seize Cash under section 67(2)
21-Feb-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Now Tax Paid on CSR Expenditure Would be Regarded As Blocked ITC
21-Feb-2023 -- S. Swaminathan - Recent Procedural Developments Under GST Law
21-Feb-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Taxpayer not Asking Provisional Release of Goods--No Penalty Imposable Under Section 129
18-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Charitable Trust - Provisional Registration Vis-a-Vis Regular Registration--Amendment By Finance Bill, 2023
18-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Direct Tax Proposals - Finance Bill, 2023 : Direct Tax Proposals at a Glance
18-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023--Charitable Trust - Application of Income by Charitable Trusts and Exempt Institutions--Certain Clarifications and Amendments by Finance Bill, 2023
15-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Taxation of Winnings From Online Gaming
15-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Tax to be Collected at Higher Rates on Certain Remittances--Proposal by Finance Bill, 2023
14-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Payment to MSMEs governed by section 43B Qua Finance Bill 2023
13-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Correcting mismatches in TDS -- Finance Bill, 2023 Provisions
12-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Prints lost in the pages -- Part-2
12-Feb-2023 -- Finance Bill, 2023 - Time to File Return Under Section 148 qua Finance Bill, 2023
02-Feb-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Finance Bill, 2023 Vis-a-Vis GST
31-Jan-2023 -- Union Budget 2023 - Union Budget 2023: Wishlist of Personal Taxation
31-Jan-2023 -- Employees State Insurance -- Compliance by a Company - ESIC Compliance for Newly Incorporated Companies: Whether Mandatory
31-Jan-2023 -- ESOPs - Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) : Temptation for Employees, Directors and Promoters
31-Jan-2023 -- Deposits - Deposits Under Companies Act, 2013
23-Jan-2023 -- Purnendu Sahai - Failure to File Form GST ITC-02A Due to Glitch in GST Portal—Allowability of ITC
23-Jan-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Procedure for Handling Difference in ITC as per GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A
23-Jan-2023 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Whether Rejection of Application for Revocation of Cancellation of Registration Solely on the Ground of Delay is Sustainable ?
23-Jan-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Goods and Services Used for Laying Transfer Pipelines Outside Factory—Allowability of ITC
23-Jan-2023 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Show Cause Notice and the Order, if entirely Non-Speaking or Containing Blanks, Whether Vitiable?
23-Jan-2023 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Export of Goods Leviable to NIL Rate of Duty—Allowability of Refund under Section 54(3)
18-Jan-2023 -- Private Trust - Income Tax Private Trust : Few Issues
18-Jan-2023 -- Reassessment - Proceedings Under Section 147/148 of the Act Pending the Proceedings Under Section 154 of the Act--Whether Permissible
18-Jan-2023 -- Royalty Income - Income From Domain Name Registration--Whether Constitutes Royalty Income
18-Jan-2023 -- Disallowance Under Section 14A - Amendment to Section 14A by Finance Act, 2022--Whether Retrospective in Nature
13-Jan-2023 -- Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code -- Fee Structure - Revised Fee Structure by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
13-Jan-2023 -- Books of Account - Perspective on Maintenance of Books of Account --Companies Act, 2013 and Listing Regulations
13-Jan-2023 -- Annual Return - Annual Return of Companies--Overview
07-Jan-2023 -- P. Narayanan - Applicablity of Concessional Rate of Tax on Supply to Merchant Export in case of ‘Bill to—Ship to’ Model
07-Jan-2023 -- Prayag Narain - Can Tax Liability be Determined in a Proceeding Under Section 129
07-Jan-2023 -- CA. Akash Phophalia - GSTR 3B v GSTR 2A forFinancial Year 2017-18 and 2018-19
07-Jan-2023 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Physical Verification of Business Premises in Absence of Assessee—Validity of Cancellation of Registration
05-Jan-2023 -- Income Tax-Capital Gains - Fine Prints of Reinvestment Section 54
05-Jan-2023 -- Business Deduction - Allowability of Bad Debts Under Section 36(1)(vii)--Conditions Required to be Fulfilled
05-Jan-2023 -- Bogus Purchase - Unaccounted Purchases/Sales : Whether Entire Purchases/Sales can be Added to Income or Only the Estimated Profits Embedded in Sales?
05-Jan-2023 -- Reassessment - Checklist for Notices Issued under Section 148A/148

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