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17-Jul-2024 -- Penalty - Penalty Levied Under Section 271D on Account of Receipt of Final Payment in Cash at the Time of Registration for Sale of Property—Validity of
17-Jul-2024 -- TDS - Denial of Certificate Under Section 197(1) Due to Non-filing of ITR for Earlier Years—Whether Justified
17-Jul-2024 -- Settlement of cases - Validity of Settlement Application Filed Between 1-2-2021 and 31-3-2021—Recent Judicial Decision
13-Jul-2024 -- General Anti-Avoidance Rule - Relooking GAAR Provisions
13-Jul-2024 -- Cash Credits - Applicability of Section 68 Where Income Declared Under Section 44AD
13-Jul-2024 -- Appeal - Condonation of Delay in Filing an Income Tax Appeal can be Allowed where there is Sufficient Cause
13-Jul-2024 -- MSME--Leather & Footwear Industry - Empowering India’s Leather and Footwear Industry : Pioneering a Global Legacy of Excellence
13-Jul-2024 -- Structured Digital Database - Applicability of Structured Digital Database (SDD) System for Practising Professionals in the Listed Entities
13-Jul-2024 -- SEBI--Non-Convertible Debentures - Transparency Triumph : The Imperative of Mandatory Listing of Non-Convertible Debentures
08-Jul-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Can Recipient of Supply File Claim of Refund of Tax Deposited by Supplier on Forward Charge Basis
08-Jul-2024 -- Adyasha Mohanty - Payments During Search and Investigations : Voluntary and Involuntary Scenarios
08-Jul-2024 -- ACS. Shruti Phophaliya - Imposition of Penalty for Late Filing of Form GSTR-9C—Validity of
08-Jul-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Whether Delay in Filing GST Appeal Can be Condoned?
03-Jul-2024 -- Foreign Tax Credit - Denial of Claim of Foreign Tax Credit on Account of Delay in Filing of Form 67 Whether Justified—A Case Study
03-Jul-2024 -- Accounting Method - Whether Mixed System of Accounting for Assessment of Income on Accrual Basis and Disallowance of Expenditure on Cash Basis is Possible?
03-Jul-2024 -- Salary - SBI Rate as Benchmark for Determining Value of Perquisite by Way of Interest Free or Concessional Loan Whether Unconstitutional—Recent Supreme Court Verdict
28-Jun-2024 -- Taxation Regime - An Element of Differentiation or Discrimination
28-Jun-2024 -- Assessment - Non-filing of the Objections by the assessee before the AO after Receipt of Draft Assessment Order Whether Appeal possible before ITAT?
28-Jun-2024 -- Scrutiny Notice - Issuance of Notice under Section 143(2) Prior to Filing of Return of Income—Validity of
28-Jun-2024 -- SMEs - Schemes & Grants - Accelerating Success : Maximizing Business Growth with SME Grants
28-Jun-2024 -- PAS-6 - Understanding the Applicability of Form PAS-6 on Private Companies under Rule 9(B) of the Companies (Prospectus and Allotment of Securities) Rules, 2014
28-Jun-2024 -- SEBI--SME Listing - SME Listing : Is It Really Worth?
20-Jun-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Requirement of Furnishing Certified Copy of Order Appealed Against to Appellate Authority—Legal Provision vs. Reality
20-Jun-2024 -- ACS. Shruti Phophaliya - Rectification of Errors Apparent on Face of Record under GST Regime
20-Jun-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Whether Penalty Imposed Under Section 129 of GST Act Can be Reduced?
20-Jun-2024 -- Adyasha Mohanty - Unveiling The Impact : Denial of ITC Due to GSTR-3B and GSTR-2A Mismatches
13-Jun-2024 -- Concealment of Income - When the Amount of Tax to be Evaded is Nil Whether the Penalty under Section 271(1)(c) can be Levied?
13-Jun-2024 -- Capital Gain - Proviso (1) to Section 50C(1) is Retrospective
13-Jun-2024 -- NSWS -- Overview - National Single Window System and Incorporation Matters: Streamlining Business Registration
13-Jun-2024 -- Deposits - Acceptance of Deposits under Companies Act, 2013
13-Jun-2024 -- Demat of Shares - Real-world Challenges Surrounding Dematerialization of Securities for Non-Small Private Companies in India
07-Jun-2024 -- Srivatsan Ranganathan - GST on Corporate Guarantees
07-Jun-2024 -- Adyasha Mohanty - Navigating Input Tax Credit : Deciphering Section 16(4)
07-Jun-2024 -- CA. Mayank A. Jain - Tips to Reply to SCN/Order Under GST
07-Jun-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Is Carrying of Physical Invoice Alongwith Goods Necessary?
03-Jun-2024 -- Stay of Demand - Relaxation from Pre-Deposit of 20 Per Cent of Disputed Demand in Appropriate Cases—Whether Possible
03-Jun-2024 -- International Taxation—Transfer Pricing - Bright Line Test on AMP Spends
03-Jun-2024 -- Penalties - Levy of Penalty Under Section 270A for Underreporting of Income—Certain Instances
28-May-2024 -- House Property - House Property Loss Under Old and New Regime
28-May-2024 -- Capital Gains - Eligibility for Exemption under Section 54EC, without Filing Return of Income
28-May-2024 -- Trading liability vis-a-vis Section 41(1) - Applicability of Section 41(1) in Case of Trading Liability—An Analysis
28-May-2024 -- Space Sector - FDI in Space Sector
28-May-2024 -- Allotment of Securities - Repercussions of Defective e-Form PAS-3 Filing and Certification : A Case Study
28-May-2024 -- NFRA--Jurisdiction - Deciphering NFRA’s Authority : A Critical Examination of Auditors’ Oversight in Listed Companies
21-May-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - If Claim of ITC by Purchasing Dealer is Genuine, the Same Should be Allowed
21-May-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Overview of Form GST DRC-01B
21-May-2024 -- CMA Sudha Rani V - Audit of Accounts of Registered Person Under GST
21-May-2024 -- ACS. Shruti Phophaliya - Identifying Location of Supplier of Goods and Services Under GST Regime
18-May-2024 -- Business Expenditure - Can bonus to Wholetime Directors be Recharacterized as Dividend?
18-May-2024 -- Assessment - Whether Non-Implementation of Directions of DRP in Terms of Section 144C Renders the Final Assessment Order Wholly Without Jurisdiction and Void-ab-Initio?
18-May-2024 -- Charitable Trust - Extension of Due Date for Filing of Form No.10A/10AB—Recent CBDT Circular No. 7/2024
14-May-2024 -- IPR--Trademark - Trade Mark Infringement—Higher Degree of Caution Required Where Marks Pertain to Food Items or Eateries
14-May-2024 -- IPR--Patent Act, 1970 - Recent Amendments in Patent Act, 1970
03-May-2024 -- Rectification - Rectification Arising Out of Subsequent Legislative Retrospective Amendments in Law
03-May-2024 -- Assessment - Passing of Draft Assessment Order is Sine Qua Non Before Final Assessment Order
03-May-2024 -- Search and Seizure - Release of Seized Cash Alongwith Interest Where Source of Seized Asset Explained
01-May-2024 -- CA. Rama Krishna Sangu - Can a Registered Person Issue GST Credit Note w.r.t. B2C Supplies?
30-Apr-2024 -- International Taxation—Recent Developments - International Taxation—Closing the Gaps on the Field
30-Apr-2024 -- Capital Gain on Sale of Property - Fractional Ownership, Whether can be Considered or Not at the Time of Claiming Exemption Under Section 54F
30-Apr-2024 -- Revision of Order - Analytical Study of a Recent Bombay High Court’s Judgment Passed Under Section 264
30-Apr-2024 -- Comparison Private Company v/s LLP - Choosing the Right Business Structure : Private Limited Company v/s Limited Liability Partnership
30-Apr-2024 -- Private Equity - Empowering Growth—The Strategic Symphony of Private Equity in Catalyzing Business Expansion
19-Apr-2024 -- Updated Return - Operation of Section 139(8A) Illustrated
19-Apr-2024 -- International Taxation—Assessment - Whether Assessment Order of a Non-Existing Assessee is a Nullity?
19-Apr-2024 -- Penalties - Justification of Penalty for Misreporting of Income Under Section 270A(9) in Case of Addition Based on Voluntary Disclosure by Assessee
17-Apr-2024 -- Taxability of Subsidy - A Recent Stunning Decision by ITAT, Chennai on Taxability of Subsidy
17-Apr-2024 -- Trusts and Charitable Institutions - Application of Income by Way of Donation to Another Trusts/Institutions—Recent Development
17-Apr-2024 -- Income Tax - Power of revenue to travel beyond SCN issued -- Whether permissible?
17-Apr-2024 -- SEBI--PIT regulations - Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations Update—Implications Thereof
17-Apr-2024 -- Nominee of Security - Nominee of Security—Recent Judicial Decision
17-Apr-2024 -- Directors KYC - Director’s KYC—Yearly compliance for every DIN holder
08-Apr-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Delay in Furnishing of Returns due to Cancellation of GST Registration—Validity of Demand of Interest for the Period Cancellation of Registration
08-Apr-2024 -- Vishambhar Dayal - Proper Officer Asking Additional Documents for Verification of Refund Application—Whether Amounts to Deficiency in Refund Application
08-Apr-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Delay in Filing of Appeals May Be Condoned on Sufficient/Reasonable Grounds
08-Apr-2024 -- ACS. Shruti Phophaliya - Jurisdictional Limit of Superintendent Regarding Orders Exceeding Rs. 10 Lakhs Under GST Regime
04-Apr-2024 -- Tax Deduction at Source - Liability of Deductee in Case of Non-Payment of TDS by Deductor
04-Apr-2024 -- Salary Income - Taxability of Salary and Allowances Received by a Non-Resident From an Indian Company
04-Apr-2024 -- Charitable Trust & Exempt Institutions - Voluntary Donation by Parents to Educational Institutions—Whether Constitutes Capitation Fee
29-Mar-2024 -- Penalty - No penalty should be levied on the basis of deeming provision under section 50C(1)
29-Mar-2024 -- Return - Interplay between Rectification Section 154 and Section 139(8A)
29-Mar-2024 -- Penalty - Overview of Section 271AAD
29-Mar-2024 -- LLP -- Significant Beneficial Ownership - Unlocking Success—How SBO Revolutionizes LLPs—A Guide to Applicability
29-Mar-2024 -- Transfer of Shares - Stamp Duty on Transfer of Securities
29-Mar-2024 -- SEBI--Ease of Doing Business - SEBI Regulations Promoting Ease of Doing Business (EODB) and Corporate Governance
22-Mar-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - ITC Not Claimed in GSTR-3B But Claimed in GSTR-9—Allowabiilty of
22-Mar-2024 -- CA. Akash Phophalia - Unsettled Section 16(4)
22-Mar-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Is Selling Dealer Compelled to Disclose the Specific Route to be Taken for Transportation of Goods?
22-Mar-2024 -- ACS. Shruti Phophaliya - Refund of GST to Unregistered Home Buyers Upon Cancellation of Construction Service Agreement
13-Mar-2024 -- House Property - FAQs on Clause (h) of Section 43B of Income Tax Act, 1961
13-Mar-2024 -- Interest Earned on FD - Applicability of Mutuality Principle Vis-a-Vis Interest Earned on Fixed Deposit by a Club
13-Mar-2024 -- Architectural Work -- Copyright Act - Architect in the Capacity of an Author of an Artistic Work of Architecture does not have the Right to Restrain the Demolition of a Building
13-Mar-2024 -- Political Contribution - Political Contributions by Corporates in the Light of Recent Supreme Court’s Judgment
13-Mar-2024 -- Transmission of Shares - Transmission of Shares Under the Companies Act, 2013
06-Mar-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - On Mere Non-Filing of Returns Registration Can Not be Cancelled with Retrospective Effect
06-Mar-2024 -- Purnendu Sahai - FAQs on Summary Assessment Under GST Law
06-Mar-2024 -- Prayag Narain - Power of High Court to Direct Appellate Authority to Hear Appeal Filed Beyond Maximum Condonable Period
06-Mar-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Tax Collected But not Deposited—Filing of Reply in Form DRC-06
04-Mar-2024 -- TDS - Freight Forwarding Industry—Lower Tax Deduction Certificate Issuance—Some Practical Issues
04-Mar-2024 -- Assessment - Defective Return When Can Be Treated as Invalid Return—Recent Supreme Court Decision
04-Mar-2024 -- Transfer of Property--Immovable Property - Transfer of Title in Immovable Properties on the Basis of an Unregistered Agreement to Sell or Through an Unregistered General Power of Attorney—Whether Possible
04-Mar-2024 -- Business disallowances - Disallowance Under Section 43B(h) While Making Payment to Micro and Small Enterprises—An Analysis
27-Feb-2024 -- Annual Filing - Requirement of Filing Provisional Financial Statements of a Company with the Registrar
27-Feb-2024 -- CSR - CSR Contribution by Companies : Analysis
27-Feb-2024 -- Penalty - Penalty under Section 270A can be Saved in Bona fide Cases
23-Feb-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Finance Bill, 2024 vis-a-vis GST
23-Feb-2024 -- Narendra Kumar - FAQs on Rectification of Mistake under GST
23-Feb-2024 -- D. Ramachandra Rao - Goods Sold Not Accepted by Consignee--Return Consignment Not Accompanied by Credit Note--Validity of Detention Under Section 129
23-Feb-2024 -- Bhuwan Prakash - Goods Could not be Unloaded Due to National Holiday--Imposition of Penalty Under Section 129
21-Feb-2024 -- Income Tax - Domestic Cost Sharing/Centralized Cost Agreements -- Some Points on Section 40A(2)
13-Feb-2024 -- BUSINESS DISALLOWANCES - Payment to MSME Units Vis-a-Vis Section 43B(h)
10-Feb-2024 -- An Analysis - Disallowance Under Section 43B(h) While Making Payment to Micro and Small Enterprises
06-Feb-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Provisional Assessment Under GST—Law and Procedure
06-Feb-2024 -- P. Narayanan - Overview of Recent Advisories issued by GSTN
06-Feb-2024 -- Divya Rathi - Legality of Blocking of Input Tax Credit in GST Without Examination
06-Feb-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - A Show Cause Notice if not Contested, the Resultant Order Assumes the Nature of an Agreed Order, not Rectifiable
06-Feb-2024 -- Business Disallowance under section 43B - Real Income and Imputed Disallowances—Divide in Taxation of Real Income
06-Feb-2024 -- Addition Towards Business Disallowance - When Purchases Have Been Sold and Sales Have Been Accepted, Whether the Corresponding/Same Purchases Can be Added to Income?
06-Feb-2024 -- Approval Under Section 80G - Rejection of Approval Under Section 80G Where Society Diverted from its Objects—Justification of
05-Feb-2024 -- Finance Bill, 2024 - Extension of Time Limit Under Certain Provisions for One More Year Via Finance Bill, 2024
03-Feb-2024 -- Income Tax--TCS - TCS vis-a-vis Finance Bill, 2024
02-Feb-2024 -- Union Budget 2024 - Interim Budget 2024 -- Measured But Meaningful
02-Feb-2024 -- Sale of Immovable Property - Whether Penalty under Section 271D for Receiving Cash for Sale of Immovable Property is leviable in each and every case?
02-Feb-2024 -- Business Expenditure - Overarching Powers of Section 37
02-Feb-2024 -- Transfer of Property -- Immovable Property - No Title can be Transferred with respect to Immovable Properties on the basis of an Unregistered Agreement to Sell or through an Unregistered General Power of Attorney
02-Feb-2024 -- Dematerialization - Revolutionizing Ownership: Private Companies Embrace Dematerialization of Securities for a Seamless Future!
01-Feb-2024 -- Union Budget 2024 - Union Budget 2024 -- `Whether a Short Lived Dossier`
29-Jan-2024 -- Income Tax - Assessment of Income from House Property vis-a-vis Co-owners
27-Jan-2024 -- Clubbing of Income - Clubbing of Income Accruing to Minor but Payable After Becoming Major
27-Jan-2024 -- Income from Undisclosed Sources - Applicability of Enhanced Rate of Tax (60 Percent) Under Section 115BBE
27-Jan-2024 -- Search and Survey - Surrender During Search or Survey Whether Attracts Deeming Provision Under Section 69 or 69A Automatically
14-Jan-2024 -- Taxable Income - Receipts From Sale of Software not Taxable in India—SoftwareONE Case
14-Jan-2024 -- Charitable Trust - Treatment of Donation in Case of Unregistered Trust
14-Jan-2024 -- Disallowance of Business Expenditure - No Disallowance Under Section 40A(2) Where Unreasonableness or Excessiveness of Expenditure not Proved
14-Jan-2024 -- LLP -- Recent Amendments - Recent Changes in LLP Act
14-Jan-2024 -- IPR--General Topic - Intellectual Property Rights Policy Management Framework
14-Jan-2024 -- Dematerialisation - Dematerialisation of Shares by Private Limited Companies—Recent Amendments
13-Jan-2024 -- Income Tax--Penalty - Whether Penalty Under Section 271C Leviable for Belated Deposit of TDS?
08-Jan-2024 -- CA. Satyadev Purohit - Section 16(4)—Whether Applicable During Financial Year 2017-18 to 2020-21
08-Jan-2024 -- Vishambhar Dayal - Issuance of Show Cause Notice Without Considering Reply to Pre-Show Cause Notice—Validity of
08-Jan-2024 -- CA. Anshu Gupta - GST on Personal Guarantee by Director and Corporate Guarantee by Company
08-Jan-2024 -- Akhilesh Kumar Sah - Order Passed Under Section 74 Without Verifying Details Available at GSTN Portal—Validity of
03-Jan-2024 -- Transfer Pricing - Indian Counterpart of AE Incurring Expenditure to Promote Own Manufactured Products—Whether Amount to International Transaction
03-Jan-2024 -- Business Expenditure - Inadmissibility of Expenses Incurred in Providing Freebies to Medical Practitioners by Pharmacy Engaged in Trading of Medicine
03-Jan-2024 -- Quorum for Board Meetings - Holding Board Meeting Without Quorum—ROC May Slap Penalties
03-Jan-2024 -- Recent Changes in Schedule III - Ratio Analysis Under Schedule III of the Companies Act