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About Us

Tax Publishers is unique in the vital sense that it is owned, run, supervised and guided by Dr. Avadhesh Ojha, essentially, the most read author and editor in the field of Tax, Corporate and Allied Laws.

In-house Production

We stand distinguished from any other publication unit. They are business houses, pure and simple, and depend on outsourcing of the academic inputs. In strict sense, it is not possible to produce real good quality publications through outsourcing. The reason is simple and straight forward—All genuinely competent and knowledgeable prospective authors are invariably busy with their practice work! It is hardly possible for them to find time to author something suiting to the specific requirement of readers. Obviously, the authors that become available for outsourcing happen to be those who are not so seriously connected to the practice work. How can they comprehensively address the specific needs of the readers? It cannot be overemphasised that Authorship in itself is a highly specialised professional work and demands highest degree of responsibility. Before anything else, we are a serious school, then R & D centre, then a forum for interaction by serious practitioners and authorities in the field and only then the publishers. We are a group brought up, trained and harnessed to work to our ultimate potential headed by an acknowledged authority in the academics of taxation and corporate laws. In the last three decades, we have amply demonstrated our capabilities time and again in the shape of our outputs, whether in print or in electronic media. Two things are vitally important—(1) Timely placement of right kinds of products and (2) Products containing the most appropriate and relevant material made up of intense, deep and critically acclaimable analytical study, compiled and crafted after fully identifying and appreciating the needs of practice as in vogue at a particular point of time. It is so because, the trends and fashions in practice change with time. Our vastly experienced inhouse production team, run and supervised by eminent scholar, Dr. Avadhesh Ojha delivers the best possible quality in toto as acknowledged by our readers from time to time.

The Products

All books looks alike from outside. So are the names of their titles. But difference lies in their contents, presentation, the systematic and scientific analysis of the subject matter dealt with. Our publications provide the convenience, the ease, the benefit and the satisfaction to the readers, who also are the actual critics along side being the ultimate beneficiaries thereof. The products of the TP group, whether in print or on electronic media, are unmatched, unparalleled and second to none. Our main activity is production of the best of journals, five of them at present, covering the entire gamut of subjects of relevance to Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax Practitioners, Departmental Officers, in the fields of direct taxes, company law, corporate laws, service tax, related excise duty, central sales tax, State VATs, GST, Accounting, Auditing, Valuation, etc. That apart, we have regularly bean releasing best selling titles covering practically all the subjects mentioned above at regular intervals and in ample measure. In fact we feel that we are doing utmost in the service of the practising fraternity to whom we cater and any other publisher can now claim to be only a distant second in our particular areas. We have for this purpose a group of dedicated authors/editors numbering around 15 and at times even more associated with us for the past more than twenty years. We can legitimately take pride for serving the practicing community with print media and electronic media products including a dynamic webside apart from DVDs and e-books and the very best of consultancy on all their problems at reasonable cost.