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CGST Circulars
Compensation Cess Circulars
CGSTC_181Guidelines for filing/revising TRAN-1/TRAN-2 in terms of order dated 22.07.2022 & 02.09.2022 of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Union of India v. Filco Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd.--Reg.
Circular No. 180/12/2022-GST - dt.2022-09-09
CGSTC_180Clarification Regarding GST Rates & Classification (Goods) Based on the Recommendations of the GST Council in its 47th Meeting held on 28th--29th June, 2022 at Chandigarh, Regarding
Circular No. 179/11/2022-GST - dt.2022-08-03
CGSTC_179GST Applicability on Liquidated Damages, Compensation and Penalty Arising out of Breach of Contract or Other Provisions of Law, Regarding
Circular No. 178/10/2022-GST - dt.2022-08-03
CGSTC_178Clarifications Regarding Applicable GST Rates & Exemptions on Certain Services, Regarding
Circular No. 177/09/2022-TRU - dt.2022-08-03
CGSTC_177Withdrawal of Circular No. 106/25/2019-GST dated 29-06-2019, Reg.
Circular No. 176/08/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
CGSTC_176Manner of Filing Refund of Unutilized ITC on Account of Export of Electricity, Reg.
Circular No. 175/07/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
CGSTC_175Prescribing Manner of Re-Credit in Electronic Credit Ledger Using FORM GST PMT-03A, Regarding
Circular No. 174/06/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
CGSTC_174Clarification on Issue of Claiming Refund Under Inverted Duty Structure Where the Supplier is Supplying Goods Under Some Concessional Notification, Reg.
Circular No. 173/05/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
CGSTC_173Clarification on Various Issue Pertaining to GST, Reg.
Circular No. 172/04/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
CGSTC_172Clarification on Various Issues Relating to Applicability of Demand and Penalty Provisions under the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 in Respect of Transactions Involving Fake Invoices, Regarding
Circular No. 171/03/2022-GST - dt.2022-07-06
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