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RAJ_562Order No. F.17(150)ACCT/GST/2018/8236, dt. 31-01-2023
Assignment of functions to Chief Commissioner of State Tax - dt.2023-01-31
RAJ_561Order No. F. 17 (131-Pt-III) ACCT/GST/2022/8206, dt. 18-01-2023
Assignment of functions to Chief Commissioner of State Tax - dt.2023-01-18
RAJ_560Order No. F. 17 (131-pt-III) ACCT/GST/2022/8196, dt. 06-01-2023
Delegation of powers conferred under section 84 to Zonal Additional Commissioiners - dt.2023-01-06
GSTPR_132GST Council Recommends to Decriminalise Certain Offences Under Section 132, Increase in Threshold of Amount of Tax for Prosecution and Reduction in Amount of Compounding in GST
48th GST Council Meeting - dt.2022-12-17
RAJ_559Order No. F.17 (134-Pt.-III) ACCT/GST/2017/8119, dt. 29-11-2022
Guidelines for verifying the Transitional Credit in light of the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the Union of India vs. Filco Trade Centre Pvt. Lts., SLP(C) No. 32709-32710/2018, order dt. 22-07-2022 & 02-09-20222 - dt.2022-11-29
CGSTI_08Manner of Processing and Sanction of IGST Refunds, withheld in Terms of Clause (c) of Sub-Rule (4) of Rule 96, Transmitted to the Jurisdictional GST Authorities under Sub-Rule (5A) of Rule 96 of the CGST Rules, 2017, Regarding
Instruction No. 04/2022-GST - dt.28-11-2022
Goa_518Order No. 38/1/2017-Fin(R&C)(Film-2)/943, dt. 01-11-2022
Reimbursement of State GST collected on exhibition of cinematographic film titled “Take It Easy” in the State of Goa for 30 days from the date of release of the movie - dt.2022-11-01
TEL_303G.O.Rt.No. 339, dt. 22-10-2022
Request for payment of Rs.45585.00 towards Printing and supply copies of Amendment Bill to the Telangana Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 - dt.2022-10-22
AS_490CT/GST-12/2017/133, dt. 13-09-2022
Territorial jurisdiction of proper officer - dt.2022-09-13
WB_694ORDER No. 14/WBGST/PRO/2022, dt. 05-09-2022
Extension of period for completion of Audit as per the proviso to sub-section (4) of section 65 of the WBGST Act, 2017 for the period starting on or after 1st day of July, 2017 and ending on or before 31st day of March, 2018 in case of M/s Shah Brothers, bearing GSTIN 19AAOFS2392B1Z0 - dt.2022-09-05



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