ITPJ_Art6122022 - Whether Recovery of Interest Requires Initiation of Adjudication Proceedings?
CA. Jyoti Jain
ITPJ_Art6112022 - Provisional Attachment to Protect Revenue--Implication of Amendment Made by Finance Act, 2021
Vineet Tiwari
ITPJ_Art6102022 - Demand Order Not Preceded by Form DRC-01 and Form DRC-01A--Validity of
CA. Satyadev Purohit
ITPJ_Art6092022 - Second Hand Car Dealer Cannot Claim ITC of Indirect Expenses
V.N. Damodar
ITPJ_Art6082022 - Leasing of Building for use as Hostel--Whether Qualifies as a Residential Dwelling
Akash Phophalia
CLL_Art12232022 - Providing Subsidized Transport Facility to Employees--Taxability Under GST Law
CA. Satyadev Purohit
ITPJ_Art6072022 - Parameters for Selection of Case for Scrutiny Under GST
Akash Phophalia
ITPJ_Art6062022 - Limitation Period for Filing Appeal Against AAR Ruling--Whether to be Reckoned From Original Order or from Rectification Order
Vishambhar Dayal
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