CUCOMP220019Clarification on holding of Annual General Meeting (AGM) and EGM through Video conference (VC) or Other Audio Visual Means (OAVM) and passing of Ordinary and Special resolutions by the companies under the Companies Act, 213 read with Rules made thereunder-Extension of timeline
General Circular No. 9/2023, dt. 25-09-2023
CUCOMP220018Condonation of delay in filing of Form-3, Form-4 and Form-11 under section 67 of Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 read with section 460 of the Companies Act, 2013
General Circular No. 8/2023, dt. 23-08-2023
CUCOMP220017Merger of Multiple Users IDs in V-2 Portal with new User ID in V-3 and deactivation of old User ID in V-2 Portal
General Circular No. 7/2023, dt. 12-07-2023
CUCOMP220016Statutory Auditors Responsibilities in relation to Fraud in a Company
Circular No. NF-25013/2/2023, dt. 26-06-2023
CUCOMP220015Relaxation in paying additional fees in case of delay in filing DPI-3 for Financial Year ended on 31-3-2023 up to 31-7-2023
General Circular No. 6/2023 [F.No.Policy- 01/2/2021-CL-V-MCA- (Part-I), dt. 21-06-2023
CUCOMP220014Filing of Forms GNL-2 (filing of prospectus related documents and private placement), MGT-14 (filing of Resolutions relating to prospectus related documents and private placement), PAS-3 (Allotment of Shares), SH-8 (letter of offer for buyback of own shares or other securities), SH-9 (Declaration of Solvency) and SH-11 (Return in respect of buy-back of securities) due to migration from V2 Version to V3 Version in MCA 21 Portal from 22-2-2-23 to 31-3-2023
General Circular No. 5/2023 [File No. Policy-02/01/2023-CL-V-MCA], dt. 22-02-2023
CUCOMP220013Extension of Time for filing of 45 company e-Forms, PAS-03 and SPICE + Part A in MCA 21 Version 3.0 without additional fee
General Circular No. 4/2023 [File No. Policy-17/150/2022-CL-V-MCA], dt. 21-02-2023
CUCOMP220012MCA extends time limit for filing 46 forms without additional fees due to technical issues in V3 version of website
General Circular No. 3/2023 [File No. Policy-17/150/2022-CL-V-MCA], dt. 07-02-2023
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