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CLL_Art13662023 - FEMA--Overseas Direct Investment Overseas Direct Investment under FEMA--Recent Changes
CA. Deepak Harwani
CLL_Art12732022 - FEMA--FAQs FEMA Reporting--Some FAQs on FIRMS Portal of RBI
TaxPub Creative Cell
CLL_Art10912021 - FEMA--Capital & Current Account Transactions Discussion on Capital and Current Account Transactions Under FEMA
Srivatsan Ranganathan
CLL_Art5322019 - FEMA Approval of RBI w.r.t. Cross Border Mergers
Pragya Lalwani
ARTO06532015 - FEMA--PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT Buying House Function, Whether Permanent Establishment (PE)/Business Connection (BC)
Srivatsan Ranganathan
ARTO06302015 - FEMA--Amendments Via Budget 2015-16 Amendments to FEMA, 1999 Via Budget 2015-16
Satyadev Purohit
ARTO06022014 - FEMA--NRO Account Opening of Non-Resident Ordinary Rupees (NRO) Account--An Overview
Vivek Bhardwaj
ARTO05992014 - FEMA--Establishment of Office by Foreign Entities Establishment of Liaison/Branch/Project Office in India by Foreign Entities--An Overview
S.N. Sirkar
ARTO06032014 - FEMA--Import and Export of Currency Import and Export of Currency into and from India--An Overview
Satyadev Purohit
ARTO06042014 - FEMA--Procedure for import of gold/platinum/silver Import of Gold / Platinum / Silver by Nominted Banks / Nominated Agencies--Procedure and Restrictions
S. Venugopalan


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