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CLL_Art15922024 - LLP -- Significant Beneficial Ownership Unlocking Success—How SBO Revolutionizes LLPs—A Guide to Applicability
CS. Pragya Lalwani
CLL_Art15842024 - Architectural Work -- Copyright Act Architect in the Capacity of an Author of an Artistic Work of Architecture does not have the Right to Restrain the Demolition of a Building
Kush Kalra
CLL_Art15682024 - IPR--Copyright No Copyright in Ideas or Themes
Kush Kalra
CLL_Art15612024 - Transfer of Property -- Immovable Property No Title can be Transferred with respect to Immovable Properties on the basis of an Unregistered Agreement to Sell or through an Unregistered General Power of Attorney
Akhilesh Kumar Sah
CLL_Art15502024 - IPR--General Topic Intellectual Property Rights Policy Management Framework
FCS. Jaya Sharma-Singhania/CS. Mehul Solanki
CLL_Art15512024 - LLP -- Recent Amendments Recent Changes in LLP Act
CA. Deepak Harwani
CLL_Art15462023 - IPR--Copyright Producer is Copyright Owner in Cinematograph Film
Kush Kalra
CLL_Art15392023 - MSME--SRI FUND Self-Reliant India Fund for MSMEs
FCS. Jaya Sharma-Singhania/CS. Mehul Solanki
CLL_Art15382023 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code -- Personal Guarantors Supreme Court Verdict on Personal Guarantors Under the IBBI Code
Srivatsan Ranganathan
CLL_Art15222023 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code -- Real Estate IBBI Roadmap Towards Efficient Resolution of Real Estate Insolvency
Srivatsan Ranganathan


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