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CLL_Art13472023 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code -- Fee Structure Revised Fee Structure by Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
Narendra Kumar
CLL_Art13382022 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Supreme Court Ruling : Whether Admission of Application under section 7(5)(a) of IBC is Mandatory or Discretionary?
Vishambhar Dayal
CLL_Art12962022 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code Interplay between Moratorium under IBC vis-a-vis Proceedings under Negotiable Instruments Act
V.N. Damodar
CLL_Art12422022 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--SEBI--Moratorium Period IBC : Imposition of Penalty under SEBI Act During Moratorium Period
Jyoti Jain
CLL_Art11932022 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--Transaction Audit Transaction Audit of Specific Transactions under IBC, 2016
Jyoti Jain
CLL_Art11642022 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--Liquidation Whether Company Sale as a Going Concern during Liquidation, Valid
Pragya Lalwani
CLL_Art11392021 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--Applicability of Limitation Act Applicability of Limitation Act, 1963 vis-a-vis Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
Pragya Lalwani
CLL_Art8752020 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--Mediation Mediation Under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 : Interpretation Through Judicial Pronouncements
Pragya Lalwani
CLL_Art7662020 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016--CIRP Withdrawal of Application for Initiation of CIRP
Pragya Lalwani
CLL_Art7732020 - Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code--IRP Initiation of Insolvency Resolution Process for Personal Guarantors to Corporate Debtors
Pragya Lalwani


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