Standard Listing Agreements

STANLISTA001Simplified Listing Agreement uniform across all types of securities/listed entities (Listing Regulations 2015)
STANLISTA002Listing of an unlisted company pursuant to the scheme of amalgamation/ demerger (Post allotment)
STANLISTA003Listing of securities issued pursuant to the scheme of amalgamation/ arrangement/ reduction of capital (Post allotment)
STANLISTA004Listing of Securitised Debt Instrument through Private Placement
STANLISTA005Listing Application form (By Listed Companies For New Original Or Further Issues)
STANLISTA006Listing of units of InvITs pursuant to Private Placement
STANLISTA007Equity Listing Agreement-applicable with effective from October 1, 2014
STANLISTA008Equity Listing Agreement-applicable upto September 30, 2014
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