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ARTS50212023 - Union Budget 2023 Union Budget 2023: Wishlist of Personal Taxation
Dr. Suresh Surana
TR_Art14082023 - Disallowance Under Section 14A Amendment to Section 14A by Finance Act, 2022--Whether Retrospective in Nature
CA. Manoj Gupta
TR_Art14092023 - Royalty Income Income From Domain Name Registration--Whether Constitutes Royalty Income
CA. Manoj Gupta
TR_Art14102023 - Reassessment Proceedings Under Section 147/148 of the Act Pending the Proceedings Under Section 154 of the Act--Whether Permissible
Akhilesh Kumar Sah
TR_Art14112023 - Private Trust Income Tax Private Trust : Few Issues
R. Muralidharan
ARTS51012023 - Income Tax-Capital Gains Fine Prints of Reinvestment Section 54
Srivatsan Ranganathan
TR_Art14052023 - Reassessment Checklist for Notices Issued under Section 148A/148
CA. Manoj Gupta
TR_Art14062023 - Bogus Purchase Unaccounted Purchases/Sales : Whether Entire Purchases/Sales can be Added to Income or Only the Estimated Profits Embedded in Sales?
Akhilesh Kumar Sah
TR_Art14072023 - Business Deduction Allowability of Bad Debts Under Section 36(1)(vii)--Conditions Required to be Fulfilled
CA. Nisha Bhandari
TR_Art14022022 - Deduction under Chapter VI-A CSR Expenditure Vis-a-Vis Deduction Under Section 80G
CA. Nisha Bhandari


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