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CLL_Art13822023 - Charitable Trust Whether Voluntary Contribution with Specific Directions is Considered as Income of the Unregistered Trust?
Tejaswini Bobde
CLL_Art13832023 - Cash Transaction Dealership or Distributorship Contract Not an Event or Occasion for Applicability of Restriction Under Section 269ST--Recent Clarification
CA. Nisha Bhandari
CLL_Art13842023 - Notice Whether Electronic Modes are Appropriate Mode of Service of Notice or Need some Flexibility even in e-era?
Akhilesh Kumar Sah
CLL_Art13722023 - Finance Bill, 2023--Presumptive Income Finance Bill, 2023-24 Vis-a Vis Section 44AD (Presumptive Taxation for Business)
CA. L. Venkataramanan
TR_Art14262023 - Finance Bill, 2023 Applicability of Exit Tax Under Section 115TD-115TF on Failure to File Application by Trusts or Institutions Within Specified Time
CA. Nisha Bhandari
TR_Art14312023 - International Taxation Whether Income Arising to a Non-Resident can be Taxed as Business Income in India without a PE?
Akhilesh Kumar Sah
TR_Art14292023 - Finance Bill, 2023 Time Limit for Furnishing Form No. 9A/10 Amended By Finance Bill, 2023
CA. Nisha Bhandari
TR_Art14302023 - Finance Bill, 2023 Scope of Specified Violation for Cancellation of Registration or for Withdrawal of Approval of Trusts/Institutions Widened by Finance Bill, 2023
CA. Nisha Bhandari
ARTS50352023 - e-Verification Scheme 2021 E-verification Scheme -- Information Seeking and Corroboration
Srivatsan Ranganathan
TR_Art14252023 - Finance Bill, 2023--Charitable Trust Provisional Registration Vis-a-Vis Regular Registration--Amendment By Finance Bill, 2023
CA. Nisha Bhandari


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