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QRYS1122Capital Gains--Deposit in CGAS - Taxability in hands of legal heir
QRYS1121Educational trust - Re-registration--Time limit
QRYS1120Section 12AB--Registered trust - Society running School Bus--Effect of Supreme Court judgment in New Noble case
QRYS1119Penalty under section 270A - Immunity therefrom-Income offered to tax post first notice
QRYS1118Corporate Taxation--Option under section 115BAA - Set of off of previous years losses
QRYS1117Charitable Trust--Option to accumulate - Filing of Form No. 9A
QRYS1116Tax deduction at source--Under section 195 - Two purchasers--Need for separate TAN
QRYS1115Income--Chargeability - Surrender value of Insurance Policy
QRYS1114Section 36(1)(iii)--Interest on Borrowed Capital - Interest on Partners Capital
QRYS1113Business Income Under Section 28(iv) - Foreign trip to dealers
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