Accounting Standard Manual

Part I : Basics of Accounting
Part II : Overview of Accounting Standards
Part III : Accounting Policy Related Accounting Standards
Part IV : Reporting/Disclosure Related Standards
Part IX : Accounting for Financial Sector Entities
Part V : Capital Cost, Capital Asset, Valuation and Depreciation Related Standards
Part VI : Amalgamation, Impairment of Assets, etc. Related Standards
Part VII : Investment/Securitisation Accounting Related Standards
Part VIII : Industry Specific Accounting Standards
Part X : Forex Related Accounting Standards
Part XI : Accounting of Employees Benefits Related Standards
Part XII : Tax Related Accounting Standards
Part XIII : Financial Instruments : Recognition and Measurement [AS-30]
Part XIV : Presentation of Financial Instruments
Part XIX : Basics of Corporate Accounting
Part XV : Financial Instruments : Disclosures [AS-32]
Part XVI : Follow up and Consequences of Accounting Related Income Tax Provisions
Part XVII : Income Tax Accounting Standards
Part XVIII : Specific Accounting Issues
Part XX : Presentation of Corporate Accounts
Part XXI : SEBI Related Reporting Requirements
ACM_0091General - Accounting for Corporate Dividend Tax (CDT)
ACM_0090General - Accounting for Excise Duty
ACM_0089General - Accounting for Central Value Added Tax (CENVAT)
ACM_0088General - Accounting for Service Tax
ACM_0087General - Accounting for Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
ACM_0086General - Accounting for Value Added Tax (VAT)
ACM_0085General - Accounting Standard Interpretations Relevant to AS-22
ACM_0084General - Accounting for Taxes on Income [AS-22]
ACM_0083Section H : Miscellaneous - Accounting for Employee Share-Based Payments
ACM_0082Section H : Miscellaneous - Announcements
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