Income Tax & Advance Tax

TaxTable01_23Notes on Tax Tables
TaxTable02_23Individual Below 60 Years of Age/HUF/AOP/BOI
TaxTable03_23Resident Individual Equal to or Above 60 Years but Below 80 Years
TaxTable04_23Resident Individual Equal to or Above 80 Years
TaxTable05_23Individual/HUF [Opting for Section 115BAC] [For A.Y. 2023-24]
TaxTable06_23Individual/HUF/AOP/BOI/AJP [Section 115BAC] [For A.Y. 2024-25]
TaxTable07_23Firm & Domestic Co.
TaxTable09_23Domestic Co.
TaxTable10_23Special Domestic Co.
TaxTable11_23Co-operative Society
TaxTable12_23Foreign Companies [For A.Y. 2023-24]
TaxTable13_23Foreign Companies [For A.Y. 2024-25]