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PGUID_01Procedure Relevant to Surveys [S. 133A]
PGUID_02Procedure Relevant to Search Cases
PGUID_03Procedural Aspects As to PAN
PGUID_04Procedure for Filing of Tax Return through Tax Return Preparers [S. 139B]
PGUID_05Procedure to Pay income-tax on Self-Assessment [S. 140A]
PGUID_06Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Advance Income Tax
PGUID_07Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Return
PGUID_08Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Assessment
PGUID_09Procedure for Reference to Dispute Resolution Panel
PGUID_10Procedure for Invoking GAAR
PGUID_11Procedure Related to Reassessment
PGUID_12Procedure for Assessment in Search Cases [SS. 153A, 153B, 153C and 153D]
PGUID_13Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Rectification
PGUID_14Procedure for Avoiding Repetitive Appeals
PGUID_15Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Liability in Special Cases
PGUID_16Procedures and Precautions in Relation to Recovery
PGUID_17Procedure Relevant to Interest for Delay in Furnishing Return of Income
PGUID_18Procedure Relevant to Interest under Section 234B
PGUID_19Procedure Relevant to Interest Under Section 234C
PGUID_20Procedure for Levy of Fee for Defaults in Furnishing TDS and TCS Statement
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