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AHAR0001TDS Chart [Financial Year 2023-24]
AHAR0002TDS Rates [For Financial Year 2023-24]
AHAR0003TDS RATES IN SOME SPECIAL CASES [For Financial Year 2023-24]
CHAR000ATax Rates For Current Assessment Years [Assessment Years 2022-23 and 2023-24]
CHAR000BSpecified Tax Rates Under Income Tax Act
CHAR000CTDS Rates [For Financial Year 2022-23]
CHAR000DRates For Tax Collection At Source [For Financial Year 2022-23]
CHAR000ERates For Minimum Alternate Tax [For Financial Year 2022-23]
CHAR000FTax Rates For Last Ten Assessment Years
CHAR000GRates For Dividend Distribution Tax Under Section 115-O
CHAR000HRates of Wealth Tax
CHAR000IMarket Rates of Gold and Silver From 31-3-2008 as on 31-3-2022 and 1-4-1981
CHAR000JTDS Chart [Financial Year 2022-23]
CHAR000KFee Structure For Appeals
CHAR000LTax Saving Schemes
CHAR000MAccrued Interest on NSC (VIII Issue)
CHAR000NTax Calendar For Recurring Work
CHAR000OAudit Reports Under Income Tax Act, 1961
CHAR000PPeriod of Limitation Under Income Tax
CHAR000QWithholding Tax Rates Under DTAA
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