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DTRR0001Amendments by the Finance Act, 2022
DTRR0002Definition of Assessee, Assessment Year, Books of Accounts, Income, Interest, liable to tax, Manufacture, Maximum Marginal Rate, Person, Tax And Previous Year [Sections 2(7), 2(9), 2(12A), 2(24), 2(28A), 2(29A), 2(29BA), 2(29C), 2(31), 2(43) and 3]
DTRR0003Chargeability of Income, Scope of Total Income and Income deemed to be received [Sections 2(45), 4, 5 and 7]
DTRR0004Residential Status [Section 6]
DTRR0005Income deemed to accrue or arise in India [Section 9]
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