Special Charts & Tables

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SPCHA_37Advance Tax and TDS - Advance Tax Instalments [Sections 211, 218 and 219]
SPCHA_36Advance Tax and TDS - TDS Chart [For Financial Year 2020-21]
SPCHA_41Assessment and Reassessment - Time Limit for Completion of Assessment and Reassessment [Section 153]
SPCHA_40Assessment and Reassessment - Sanction for Issuance of Notice
SPCHA_39Assessment and Reassessment - Time Limits for Reopening the Assessment [Section 149]
SPCHA_38Assessment and Reassessment - Return Forms
SPCHA_24Capital Gains - General Deductions in Computation of Capital Gains
SPCHA_16Capital Gains - Determination of Holding Period in Certain Cases [Explanation 1 to Section 2(42A) and Rule 8AA]
SPCHA_17Capital Gains - Period of Holding for Classification as Long-Term Capital Asset, Short Term Capital Asset and the Tax Rate
SPCHA_18Capital Gains - Cost Inflation Index Table
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