The Tax Publishers2020 TaxPub(DT) 4318 (Mum-Trib)


Section 22 Section 23 Section 24(a)

Watchman's salary would be claimed as standard deduction @ 30% under section 24(a) as such, assessee's claim under sections 22 and 23 would not be allowed and deducted from rental income being the standard rent.

Income from house property - Computation of annual value - Watchman's salary claimed prior to claim standard deduction under section 24(a) -

The issue arising in this appeal was the maintainability of the allowance of watchman's salary, claimed at Rs. 46,66,061, from the rental income (Rs. 91,07,102), assessed under section 22, i.e., prior to the claim of standard deduction under section 24(a) at the rate of 30% thereof, which was thus claimed on the rent amount net of salary claimed, i.e., on Rs. 44,41,041. Assessee's case qua allowance of watchman's salary was essentially with reference to its' past history, having been claimed and allowed since inception and, further, having received a favourable verdict whenever the matter travelled to the Tribunal. Held: The watchman's salary is even otherwise unrelated to the earning of rent per se. It does not represent a cost which could be said to determine the rental capacity of a house property. The assessee's case was without any factual or legal basis. The expenditure on watchman's salary had no bearing on the rental income, or its earning, so that it cannot even otherwise be regarded as contemplated under section 23, or under section 24(a), qua which a gross (lumpsum) allowance is now provided at a fixed rate (sum). In other words, the notion of the assessee obtaining any 'benefit' or 'advantage' on account of the allowance of this sum, against another (business) income, where so, is misconceived, both in law and on facts. The issue raised was thus, subject to the consideration of the assessee's claim qua watchman's salary as business expenditure, decided in the affirmative, i.e., in favour of the Revenue-appellant. The assessee's income from house property shall stand, accordingly, increased by Rs. 32,66,243, i.e., net of standard deduction @ 30% on the claim of salary at Rs. 46.66 lakhs, disallowed in computing the annual value under section 22 read with section 23, or as deduction under section 24(a).

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